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Psalm 94:19 "In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul."


This is not the first time I have shared this verse and as long as I am able to write these updates, it won't be my last because this special scripture continues to minister to me.

Paula's Version....In the abundance of my anxieties, HE continues to comfort, console, and brings me cheer!


I will repeat myself again...THANK YOU for holding our family up in prayer! We cannot travel this road alone. Your prayers are being answered....In my last update, I asked you to pray for BJ as he left on tour but reluctantly...(God gave him peace of mind and he sensed the power of prayer on his behalf....for The Lord to send people to encourage him (God brought some very special people into his life...(God's timing is perfect!)...for The Lord to bless their Ministry..(many souls have been saved!) TO GOD BE THE GLORY and THANK YOU AGAIN FOR PRAYING!!!  PLEASE DO NOT STOP!!


Billy has been more awake but becomes very agitated at times...his pressure sore that was starting to heal has reopened...he has a lucid moment once in awhile but doesn't last. Please pray Billy will be comforted in his own little world.


Folks, I realize this IS NOT about me but I have become rundown and the Doctor has informed me that I NEED to take breaks if I want to keep going. For some reason this seems to be a struggle so I would appreciate your prayers.


The past couple weeks have been quite stressful and God once again in His perfect timing brought Wendell & Joan Calder my way. After they called to tell me they were headed in my direction, I hung up the phone and cried tears of joy! God knew I would need THEM (no one else) but them on the day they arrived. God orchestrated their visit at the perfect time. In my moments of anxieties, God brought the two SPECIAL people I needed....folks, that's EXCITING! God has the supply long before we have a need! Billy and I had the privilege ministering with them many years and our memories are more then we can count! I am blessed to have them as family!! (I'm mad at myself for not taking a picture...


As we approach Easter, I have thought of our concert Billy & I would sing at this particular time so I have been listening to our "He's Alive" recording...all songs pertaining to the Cross. In the midst of all my thoughts, I rejoice in the victory that is available because of what Christ did for us at Calvary. I trust you know Him as Savior!!


I would like to invite you to download Billy's "He's Alive" CD and know you will be blessed. Yes I am his #1 fan but I have every reason!!!!


Whatever thoughts and anxious moments you may encounter, HIS comfort can delight your soul because, HE'S ALIVE! You ask me how I know.,,He lives within my heart!!


Billy always signed his name with BECAUSE HE LIVES...we can rejoice in the Resurrection EVERYDAY!!!

BECAUSE HE LIVES (I can face tomorrow!!)



Paula Speer


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