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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

 Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters...

It is so hard to believe that the year is already more than half over with... It is amazing how fast time seems to be going. I have been touring with the Dartts now for almost 11 years, and it amazes me how fast the time has gone by. We have seen almost 200 people saved this year, have ministered in 23 states thus far and still have 101 concerts this year! We are also in the middle of several exciting projects for future release.

Things remain about the same with my dad. Not much change, but maybe more disconnected, and less interaction with us, as well as the nurses. I have not spent much time at home this year, but have heard from my mom's detailed daily visits with him, as well as weekly phone calls from hospice (who are consistently shocked that he is still hanging on). I am amazed at how strong my mom has become and how brave she is. I am so proud of her, as I know so many of you are as well.

It has been an honor to care for her, support her, and provide for her these past few years; however, the burden is getting heavy with support dropping and more of the financial burden being placed on myself personally. For those of you who know me, and my income, it is practically impossible to carry that burden alone. I am constantly trying to find new ways to provide an income through CDs sales, book sales, etc... "Dusty Road, A Journey into Faith" (our testimony story) has sold over 2,000 copies for which I am so grateful. The CD, "Through", which was the album mom and dad started in 2011, but I completed in 2012 as a benefit product, has sold 2500 copies and counting, which is such a blessing. However, after 3 years there is nothing new to promote, meaning mom's income/support is down; therefore, throwing me into a spin of what to do next... Many folks have read my Facebook updates about what's going on with the Dartts, our touring, etc... As well as my emotional feelings, breakdowns and obligations to ministry.

I have decided that I do NOT want to give up. That would just be too easy! I have thought about coming off the road, finding a job that could easily take care of my needs, as well as my moms. I have spent many hours, days in prayer, and have come to the conclusion that I truly would not be happy doing anything else other than traveling, ministering in music (testifying to Gods amazing grace) until HIS return. Is it going to be difficult? Absolutely!! That's all a part of the Christian walk though...remaining faithful until the day our Savior takes us home.

Billy Speer Ministries Inc has always been a ministry of encouragement to all people on all walks of life. I want to continue my dad's legacy every way I can. I do not know how long God will allow me to do this, nor do I know or understand Gods plan in keeping my dad around in this condition. I will Trust in Him, Lean on Him, and Press on through Him until the day God shows me another plan. I will keep Billy Speer Ministries Inc alive with its nonprofit status, as long as people are continuing to give and support this ministry that my parents started over 40 years ago. I will strive to do what I can for both my mom and dad financially, as they so greatly served the Lord for many years. I will strive to honor my Heavenly Father with the gifts He has given me and follow Him in the days ahead.

So, with that being said, I have 2 projects that I am excited to announce that would help support the finances and furtherance of Billy Speer Ministries.

1. A Cookbook that I have collaborated with some very special people. I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen, cooking (and eating). It started as a young child, watching my grandmother Calder entertain for her church family. I began this project a few years ago and it sat on the back burner until now! Recipes from my grandma, Royis Calder, Gospel legend Lily Weatherford, special friend (and family) Joan Calder along with many others, including special creations of my own. This book will be for sale starting August 1st for $10.

2. A New CD project... This untitled project would be a collection of songs that I have written, along with some old favorites that were recorded by my dad. I have contacted our family friend, Tre Corley, (Grammy Award winner...yes, I have to brag! I am so proud of him and his family) who has offered to produce this recording for me. Tre, and his brother Paul, produced 10 albums for my mom and dad over the years. They also helped me finish "Through" at an affordable price to help my parents out. I am excited about the opportunity to jump back in the studio for my 5th solo recording!!! I am also excited about having some special surprise guests record along with me!

Total Cost for 2 projects- $12,000

As you all know, to move forward, finances are always needed. I know that many groups, missionaries, mission trips, speakers are in need of finances. Churches are facing a loss in attendance and set backs in monthly expenses. ( believe me, I know all about this in full detail) What sets these projects aside from anyone else? Nothing really... It is a desire to serve Christ and honor Him, as well as my family. To move forward... I am trusting the Lord for support in any way He provides. Through financial love gifts, prayer, encouragement...all of these are ways people can help. The total cost needed to move forward with both of these projects is $12,000. A lot you say? Yes it is, but I have seen God do far greater things!! This investment will further the ministry and help support my folks for several more years. There are many ways you can give toward these projects...

By mail:
Paula Speer
....please notify what project you would like to support, or even if it's just a love gift...

By PayPal:

Through website:
If your check is made out to Billy Speer Ministries Inc, you will receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation.

Thank you for your love, support and prayers to and for our family. I am continuously amazed at how many people have showed their love over the past several years. It is a reflection of my mom and dads testimony and commitment to Christ over the years and I only hope to follow in their footsteps as long as God allows!

Thank you and may God richly BLESS YOU the remainder of 2015 and beyond!!
Looking Upward,
BJ Speer 

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