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To all my Faithful Friends and Prayer Warriors

THANK YOU for your continued prayers, even when I am slow keeping you updated. 

Please be assured there's not a day goes by I am not thinking about you and praying for you...I have never felt the power of prayer so strong upon my life and that strengthens me daily. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

I am happy to report Billy's pressure sore has healed enough to make it possible for him to sit up a couple times a week, but still becomes agitated at times. (I have to admit I get that way myself !)  His weight is checked monthly, and although he eats fairly well, he continues to lose weight which goes along with the disease. My time with him consist of listening to music, reading, praying, freshening him up, shaving, and reminiscing. Many names are mentioned and although he doesn't remember and respond, it's therapy for me. My memories are numberless! HE has done exceedingly, abundantly, above all I could ever ask or think!!

The Nursing Home submitted Billy's name in a contest to the Tennessee Health Care Association and he was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award as a member of the 2014 Who's Who in Tennessee long term care. Billy didn't understand but I was happy and honored to receive this award on his behalf. 

Many of you are letting me know you are enjoying Billy's CDs and that is music to my ears... THANK YOU!

BJ is staying busy with the Dartts and at the same time enforcing my Doctor's orders in regards to taking breaks. I'm not sure if I didn't realize how run down I was, or I knew and didn't want to admit it! (Anyone else out there like me??)

The Dartts would appreciate your prayers as Tracy needs therapy for 4 weeks so this means he and Sharon are off the road, and Stoney & BJ are a Duet again. This news was disappointing, BUT, we are thankful treatment is therapy and not surgery! Pray each of them will be encouraged during this difficult time, their needs met, and most of all, God will use this for HIS glory. 

PLEASE keep praying for our family as I continue to be challenged in my "non comfort" zones to TRUST, LEAN, and RELY on The Lord, AT ALL TIMES! I was led to Psalm 62:8 this morning. "Trust in Him at all times, ye people, pour out your heart before Him: God is a refuge for us".

Under His Wings


Paula Speer


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