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September 2014​

Dear Faithful Friends and Prayer Partners:

THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU for supporting our family with your prayers
and love gifts...you have no idea how you encourage me on a daily basis!!

Proverbs 3:5&6 Trust in The Lord with all thine heart and LEAN NOT to thine own
understanding: In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and HE shall direct thy paths". As a
child, this was one of my earliest memory verses, and now I see how easy it is to SEARCH for understanding instead of SEEKING and TRUSTING the ONE who has it all under control. Easy to say, hard to practice!!!

Billy seems to remain the same....appears comfortable...talks (mumbles) not making sense, eats but continues to lose weight, sits up occasionally, doesn't know us.... Hospice checks on him twice a week. Please keep praying for him. 

I was blessed to join BJ, Stoney Dartt, and Amanda Henry (great singer and lots of fun) on their tour in the Northeast and gave a family update to folks who have been a part of our lives for many years. I was refreshed under the Ministry of Wendell & Joan Calder at Living Waters Bible Conference, where I have more memories then I can count! I saw my brother and his wife, visited my homestead, talked with a lot of friends and family which included a Sunday School teacher I had growing up but now in the Nursing Home, got to see my Aunt (one of the two I have left) in a Rehab Center, enjoyed the BEST fried haddock, lobster, and the list goes on and on! It was a very emotional trip as I laughed and cried a lot but I had a great time and thankful to those who made it possible. 

I would appreciate your prayers for Billy to be comforted by God's presence as he lives in his own world. Only God knows what he is capable of understanding....For BJ and Stoney as they minister as a Duet while Tracy Dartt recovers from surgery and continues his therapy, and Sharon by his side. 
Traveling the past couple weeks reminded me of "life on the road" with lots of unpleasant surprises and unknowns. 

Please pray good health for all of us to keep pressing on as we trust The Lord for direction to take the next step on our journey. 

Our monthly support has taken a significant drop but challenges us to trust The Lord for others to stand in the gap. Our hearts are heavy for many going through difficult times but we rejoice as we trust the ONE who makes NO mistakes!!

Thank you again and again!!

Under His Wings
Paula (Billy & BJ)
Paula Speer


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